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Mark A Kane Consulting Forestry PA

Mark A. Kane - President

     Fifty years of local Forestry experience.  Mark earned a B.S. in Forest Science from The Pennsylvania State University in 1964.  Fifteen years of service with the PA Bureau of Forestry as a Management and Service Forester managing State and Private Forests to include State Timber Sales and Wildlife Habitat Management. Thirty five years as a Consulting Forester administering timber sales on over 230 client properties. Many client properties have been administered for a second Timber Sale.  Mark was the first Consulting Forester based in Huntingdon County.


     Other related experience includes twenty seven years Commissioned Service in US Army Corps of Engineers Reserve and Active duty. Combat and Construction Engineering including extensive road and airfield construction and maintenance. 

Brian D Kane - Vice President

     Fifteen years of forestry experience working under the guidance of Mark.  Brian earned a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in 1997.  Brian worked as a Wind-Tunnel Test Engineer for several different companies including Swift Engineering, Boeing, and Bombardier.  As a test engineer he was responsible for all aspects of wind-tunnel test planning, test coordination, test execution, and documentation.

     In 2010 Brian moved back to central PA and continued to build on his past forestry experience.


      There are 2 types of Forest Management - Even Age and Uneven Age.

      Even Age Management produces timber stands of same size and age trees.  It includes several types of harvesting, but ends up with a final harvest as a Clearcut, much the same as a field crop like corn.  As the stand grows from seedlings it should first receive  timber stand improvement treatments to thin the competing saplings and pole size trees.  Once the trees reach commercial size it would be treated with a series of improvement harvest on a 15 year cycle.  When the trees mature at about 100 years it is time to regenerate the stand.  If sufficient desirable seedlings are present it will be clearcut.  If seedling are lacking then a shelterwood or seed tree harvest would be required.  It may require fencing if deer browsing is a problem.  Even Age management favors the sun demanding seedling species such as oak and poplar.  This management type is best suited to large woodland holdings.

      Uneven Age Management produces Timber Stands with trees of all ages and sizes.  Over the years it will always appear similar as opposed to the Even Age system.  Uneven Age management does favor the more shade tolerant species such as the Maples.  Timber Sale harvests are generally conducted on a 15 year cycle.  These harvests are "select-cut" harvests. The select-cut would ideally harvest some trees in all commercial sizes with a goal of improving the timber stand quality and species composition, as well as the harvesting of mature trees.

      Realistically most of timber stands encountered do not realistically fit either system, reflecting their past management or mismanagement.  This is where the experienced Forester can guide it toward a better forest.  Forestry is both a science and an art.  The healthiest forest is one with good species diversity which deters insect and disease problems.

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