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Full cords of cut & split firewood, 16-inch lengths (shorter lengths available upon request). Mainly dead oak currently, $300/cord split and loaded off the processor.  Pre-split partially seasoned wood is currently unavailable.  We delivered within the Philipsburg, Clearfield, State College, Huntingdon, and surrounding areas.

Call evenings, ask for Mark

(814) 644-1971

(No text messages please)

2024 Firewood Prices

$300  1-Cord of split hardwoods directly off processor


(Prices subject to change w.r.t. fuel prices.)

Our firewood is sourced from Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) cutting on private land.  TSI is a method used to improve the health of a timber stand by promoting stand diversity, wildlife habitat/bio-diversity, tree genetics, aesthetics, and timber equity.  This is achieved by removing dead, damaged, diseased, overstocked, and genetically undesirable stems.


We recommend buying your firewood for the upcoming winter early in the year so you can stack and season it properly.  Buying our green wood directly off the processor is more cost effective and provides you with a cleaner firewood (i.e. pre-split partially seasoned wood requires more handling and must be scooped off the ground exposing it to dirt).


Firewood is sold by the full cord.  A standard cord is a stack of wood 4’ x 4’ x 8’, and contains 128 cubic feet.  We deliver our firewood using a 6' x 12' dump trailer.

Wood should be dried before burning for 6 -12 months, although green wood will burn. Air-dried wood has a moisture content of 20% or less.  Stacking the wood in an area with maximum sun and air exposure and covering it will accelerate the seasoning process.  Using a fairly inexpensive wood moisture meter is a good way to check the moisture content.  Splitting a piece of wood and checking the moisture content inside is the most accurate.  Below is a chart showing some common characteristics

FW Characterisitics.jpg
1 Cord
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